My first class of Iyengar Yoga at the Institute of Amsterdam in the year 2000 left me “hooked”.

I remember so clearly leaving the Institute thinking “ Wow- What is this ? What is it that makes me feel so tall, so strong, so grounded yet so light and so free … “

From then one class led to two – to three- to four times a week till I was so curious about the subject that I applied & was accepted for the 3 years teachers training .This 3 years intensive practice/study transformed me – something inside shifted – to a higher consciousness & my whole life dramatically changed. I have so much to be grateful for , especially my master Cle Souren. He had so much faith in me to become a good teacher and I became a teacher in this very popular school of Europe.

It wasn’t that I joined the training to become a teacher but to know the subject well. With this and my strong passion for Iyengar Yoga, teaching comes with so much ease & joy.

It is that I want to share it with the world & shout it from the highest mountain how wonderful this gift is to mankind.

I live in the beautiful town of Forres,Morayshire.Blessed by the beauty around and clear air to breathe.

I am very happy to have brought Iyengar Yoga to the area & have a lovely community of enthusiastic students.

I have been fortunate enough to train with the Iyengar family, Pune, India.

Practicing asana gives me balance, stability and strength in daily life.

I continue to develop my own practice by regularly visiting Senior teachers throughout the UK and Europe.

I am convinced of the benefits of Yoga to positively transform lives.

In honor & deep gratitude to,

the late International Senior teacher Cle Souren & ,of course, to Guruji himself B.K.S Iyengar.

I am delighted to announce that in January 2019 I graduated as an

Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher.